Types of Modular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Countertop surface plays a most important role in establishing the kitchen style when come to kitchen remodelling. Picking perfect kitchen countertops for your kitchen is somewhat complex hence so many variants of countertop materials are now available in market. Most popular countertop materials are listed below.

1) Granite Countertop
2) Natural Quartz Countertop
3) Wood Countertop
4) Marble Countertop
5) Laminate Countertop
6) Copper Countertop
7) Solid Surface Countertop
8) Stainless Steel Countertop
9) Ceramic Tile
10) Concrete Countertop
Some of the Best Choice Countertop Materials are as below:

Granite Countertop:
Granite countertop is more popular rather than other countertop materials .It is more durable and reliable. And also granite comes in much number of colours and looks aesthetic. Most of the home makers pick granite material for their modular kitchen hence it requires less maintenance.
Natural Quartz Countertop:
Quartz is a gemstone and it is non-porous. With its bacteria and water resistant properties, it’s become one of the ideal choices for kitchen countertop. But Quartz is higher expensive than other materials.
Stainless Steel Countertop:
Stainless steel has many advantages such as highly durable, stain free, odour free and higher resistant. It requires only low maintenance and its gives tailor look to your kitchen. Stainless steel is to become preferable choice for commercial kitchens.
Ceramic Tile:
Tile is inexpensive compared to other countertop materials. Easy adorable, it is an excellent choice for budget kitchens. There are plenty of advantages that it has such as customize furnishes, durables and colours.

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